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Hermes hoop Lift Tourbillon flying: inspiration double H

Hermes presented this month in Paris, in its historic shop in the rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré, one of its most prestigious creations: the loop Lift Tourbillon flying. A timepiece equipped with a beautiful case in rose gold 43 mm which houses a caliber (H1923) very contemporary design displaying on the tourbillon carriage and on the barrel bridge, double Hermès H... A limited edition 176 copies.

The inspiration came to the creator of this Hermes watch pacing the corridors of shop- and mythical - 24, rue de Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. Address internationally known and recognized. Simple Chinese tourist to the American CEO passing by Parisians, of course... It is therefore at the heart of this prestigious building that is the idea of this watch...

And more specifically, passing in front of the lift which serves the floors of this store. Indeed, the door proudly with two golden H, symbol of the union of the two families who are at the origin of the most beautiful luxury worldwide brand Replica Watches. Nothing prevents you, to admire these two letters next time you go offer a bag, a course Birkin, to your wife...

This architectural element is witness to the popularity of the brand for the ironwork of art from the beginning of the 20th century. It is also found on the front door, balustrades, staircase ramps and, finally, on the elevator door, which gave him his name of Lift... More that a ground Lift symbolizes above all, the union of Hermes and Holland families (nothing to do with our president) by the marriage in 1900, Emile Hermes, grandson of the founder of the House and Julie Holland.

Loop Lift is hosted by calibre H1923, thus welcoming the year of construction of the lift from the store. Worked on several levels, some parts of the movement draw a rafters embossed dial, which plays alternately watch or purely decorative finishes. When it comes to letters H, a double first H accompanies the revolutions of the cage of the tourbillon mechanism while a second ground, fixed, overcomes the barrel bridge.

All components of the calibre H1923 reveal the excellence of this mechanism and are completed with particular care that requires the watchmaking tradition. Anglages of all bridges, wheels and screws are made entirely by hand; the double H overcoming the tourbillon cage and the circumference of the rubies to noon have highlighted the technique of mirror polished, also called polished black. This visible complication dial side, is also transparently with a chiseled opening in the bottom of the gold case, marked with the ex-libris of the House.

Timeless, the rollbar watch embodies generally gasoline Hermes style. Iconic, the top clip inspired by the equestrian universe, created in 1978 by Henri of Origny, flange of a link of alligator hand-stitched leather. This prestigious model is proposed on strap alligator, carried out in the workshops of La Montre Hermès and each of the 176 copies of this watch is of course serious a single number.

La cadette de la famille est donc la Portugaise Remontage Manuel Huit Jours qui doit son look à son boîtier de nouvelle facture doté d’un verre à bord arqué. Avec son cadran argenté, ses chiffres arabes et ses aiguilles feuilles caractéristiques, le modèle en or rouge affiche une belle sobriété. A noter le « 60 » rouge vif, petit détail original placé sur le cercle des secondes, qui attire instinctivement le regard.

Les deux modèles en acier sont proposés avec un cadran noir ou argenté avec chiffres et aiguilles rhodiés. Ils ont en commun la minuterie chemin de fer au look classique ainsi que le mouvement qui les anime Rolex Replica, le calibre de manufacture 59215. Issu de la famille de calibres 59000, ce dernier, de construction moderne, est doté de ponts et de platines imposants.

Quant à l’endurance, cette montre n’est pas en reste : elle fonctionnera pendant exactement 192 heures, soit 8 jours, sans devoir être remontée. Le temps qu’il reste avant que son propriétaire doive lui redonner de l’énergie en la remontant au moyen de la couronne s’affiche au dos de la montre et peut être consulté à travers le fond en verre saphir. Grâce à cette option (que l’on retrouve chez quelques marques désormais ; Panerai propose un système similaire), le cadran reste sobre et clairement lisible.

Ces nouveaux modèles sont assortis à des bracelets en cuir (doublure en cuir orange) de chez Santoni, fabricant italien de chaussures haut de gamme. Les versions en acier fin sont proposées avec un bracelet noir, tandis que le modèle en or rouge se pare d’un bracelet brun foncé. La célèbre marque de chaussures italienne, dirigée en deuxième génération par Giuseppe Santoni, confère au cuir une patine par un processus très élaboré. Grâce à cette technique, le cuir a l’air d’avoir été porté et entretenu soigneusement depuis quelques années, alors qu’il est bien évidemment tout à fait neuf. A noter que dans cet esprit, le bracelet Santoni prend tout son intérêt en marron, le noir étant moins séduisant.

Terrascope, very masculine with its cushion casing and its large round sunglasses, is recognized at the first glance. This case particularly robust, is water-resistant to 100 metres, and houses the JR60 movement with automatic winding (42 hours of power reserve).

The first limited edition tribute to the royal Eagle, the symbol of the Mexican nation, characterized by a black camouflage pattern, satin finish. On the lower part of the dial, you can admire a fine stylized engraving representing this powerful bird of prey. Inspired by the jaguar version has the same finish satin but declined in a grey camouflage pattern. Above the index in 6 hours, we find the silhouette of the legendary feline.

These two animals 'totems' are extremely respected since pre-Hispanic times: indeed, eagles and jaguars symbolized respectively light and darkness in Aztec mythology. The Eagle and jaguar are two species essential to the proper functioning of their own ecosystem, they help to maintain the balance of species that share their habitat. These two animals surpass every day to live (or even survive) in a world in constant evolution.

Each version is equipped with a rubber, black or grey, respectively bracelet decorated with light streaked terrain and signature JR, and closed by a folding clasp. Recall that the JeanRichard brand financially supports the Fundación Refugio Salvaje, daily dedicated to the protection of these extraordinary animals threatened with extinction. People who have one of two these timepieces will join in this way the work of preservation.


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